Retro Round Metal Sunglasses Unisex Design UV Protection Glasses(Black+Red)

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Frame Material:Alloy
Lenses Optical Attribute:Photochromic,Anti-Reflective,UV400,Gradient
Lenses Material:Polycarbonate
Instructions for use of sunglasses:
1. Sunglasses can be bad for eyes if not worn properly.
2. It is not necessary to wear sunglasses when the light is dark on cloudy days and indoors.
3. For infants and children whose visual system is not fully developed, sunglasses should not be worn.
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.09kgs / 0.19lb
One Package Size 15cm * 6cm * 4cm / 5.91inch * 2.36inch * 1.57inch
Qty per Carton 341
Carton Weight 28.64kgs / 63.15lb
Carton Size 50cm * 50cm * 57.3cm / 19.69inch * 19.69inch * 22.56inch
Loading Container 20GP: 186 cartons * 341 pcs = 63426 pcs
40HQ: 432 cartons * 341 pcs = 147312 pcs

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