Multicolor Stainless Steel Butterfly Coffee Spoon Fruit Cold Drink Ice Cream Dessert Tea Spoon, Color:Purple

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1. Food grade 304 stainless steel material, rust free and have a long lasting use, keep safe and health.
2. Cute butterfly style, easily matches with existing flatware.
3. Use for coffee, tea, dessert, appetizers, every-day durability with lasting luster.
4. They can hang the spoon on the rim of the cup.
5. Easy to clean, the smooth polished edge will not cut your skin, dishwasher safe.
6. Size:12.7x2.2cm
7. Material: stainless steel
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.03kgs / 0.06lb
One Package Size 13cm * 5cm * 5cm / 5.12inch * 1.97inch * 1.97inch
Qty per Carton 500
Carton Weight 14.00kgs / 30.86lb
Carton Size 30cm * 50cm * 46.7cm / 11.81inch * 19.69inch * 18.39inch
Loading Container 20GP: 380 cartons * 500 pcs = 190000 pcs
40HQ: 883 cartons * 500 pcs = 441500 pcs

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