Household Commercial Food Vacuum Plastic Packaging Machine Sealer Closer Machine, UK Plug(Black)

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1. Size: 40*15*7cm
2. Weight: 1.5kg
3. Power: 150W
4. Voltage: 110-220V
5. Packing film width: 320mm
6. Material: Environmental Engineering ABS
7. Strong vacuum suction, durable
8. Heating wire, sponge strip, high temperature adhesive tape and other accessories can be replaced directly.
9. Applicable industries: food, toys, hardware, machinery, clothing, chemical industry, catering, medicine, gifts, handicrafts, etc.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 2.02kgs / 4.46lb
One Package Size 46cm * 12cm * 20cm / 18.11inch * 4.72inch * 7.87inch
Qty per Carton 10
Carton Weight 21.55kgs / 47.51lb
Carton Size 59cm * 46cm * 42cm / 23.23inch * 18.11inch * 16.54inch
Loading Container 20GP: 233 cartons * 10 pcs = 2330 pcs
40HQ: 543 cartons * 10 pcs = 5430 pcs

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