Aotu AT6646 Outdoor Travel Kettle Car Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle (Blue)

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Name: Vacuum flask
Brand: aotu / bump
Model: AT6646
Material: bottle body: inner and outer gallbladder is made of high quality double stainless steel, cover: PP resin (heat resistant temperature 120 degrees, cold temperature -10 degrees), sealing ring: silica gel (heat resistant temperature 120 degrees, cold temperature -10 degrees)
Capacity: 600ML
Size: full height 27CM bottom diameter 7CM bottle diameter 4.5CM
Packaged size: 27x7.5x7.5CM
Weight: 300 grams
Color: blue and purple
Insulation aging: at room temperature 25 degrees, filled with water temperature 98 degrees water, static not open state: 6 hours (greater than 70 degrees), 12 hours (greater
than 55 degrees)

1. Raw materials of high quality stainless steel and high quality food plastics
2. Inner and outer gallbladders use advanced technology for combined welding
3. With tailless vacuum technology and high-tech leak detection equipment to ensure quality, long-lasting insulation effect

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.30kgs / 0.67lb
One Package Size 27cm * 7.5cm * 7.5cm / 10.63inch * 2.95inch * 2.95inch
Qty per Carton 20
Carton Weight 7.50kgs / 16.53lb
Carton Size 42cm * 35cm * 35cm / 16.54inch * 13.78inch * 13.78inch
Loading Container 20GP: 518 cartons * 20 pcs = 10360 pcs
40HQ: 1203 cartons * 20 pcs = 24060 pcs

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