6 Gears Mini Fascia Gun Massage Gun Electric Fitness Massager, Specification: Key File, with Bag (Black)

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1. Product quality: 1.04KG
2. Intensity gear: 6 gears adjustment
3. Material: ABS, EVA
4. Power supply mode: rechargeable lithium battery
5. Color box size: 290x220x70mm
1. Do not touch or press the massage head during operation.
2. Do not continue to use the same part for a long time.
3. Do not use on weak bones and muscles.
4. Infants, minors, pregnant women, those who wear pacemakers, have broken bones, or have metal contents in their bodies, do not use
5. If you feel unwell, stop using it immediately.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.99kgs / 2.17lb
Qty per Carton 20
Carton Weight 26.70kgs / 58.86lb
Carton Size 58cm * 48cm * 52cm / 22.83inch * 18.9inch * 20.47inch
Loading Container 20GP: 184 cartons * 20 pcs = 3680 pcs
40HQ: 427 cartons * 20 pcs = 8540 pcs

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