50 PCS Self Seal Kraft Bubble Mailer Envelopes, Size: 30cm x 25cm, Custom Printing and Size are welcome

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1. Bubble lined mailers provide light weight protection for your shipment.
2. Just insert merchandise into these bubble mailer envelopes, pull away the protective covering to expose the adhesive strip and self seal the kraft bubble mailer envelopes.
3. Made exactly like the kraft bubble mailers, except these envelopes have the convenience of a self-seal lip.
4. Light weight & time saving - Lower shipping costs combined with faster shipment preparation equal big saving over other packaging options.
5. Size: 30cm x 25cm.
6. Custom printing and size are welcome.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.60kgs / 3.53lb
One Package Size 33cm * 27cm * 31cm / 12.99inch * 10.63inch * 12.2inch
Qty per Carton 4
Carton Weight 7.00kgs / 15.43lb
Carton Size 65cm * 52cm * 32cm / 25.59inch * 20.47inch * 12.6inch
Loading Container 20GP: 246 cartons * 4 pcs = 984 pcs
40HQ: 572 cartons * 4 pcs = 2288 pcs

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