4 PCS Extra Thick Baby Safe Cushion Protector, Table Corner Guard (Random Color Delivery)

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1) Beautiful, soft and comfortable

2) Lightweight, durable and practical

3) Flexible and non-slip, it is easy to cut and replace

4) Protect your child from sharp edges with impact absorbing foam

5) Fire retardant, non toxic and latex free

6) Double stick tape keeps foam securely fastened

7) Removes quickly and easily when no longer needed

8) With Cushion adhesive, it has strong adhesion, but it is easy to clean without remaining sticky residue

9) It can be used in the sharp surface of furniture, corners and home appliances

10) Material: NBR

12) Thickness: 12mm

13) Package Includes: 4 x Baby Safe Cushion Protector

14) Three colors: as shown on the picture ( Random color delivery)
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.03kgs / 0.06lb
One Package Size 14cm * 14cm * 6cm / 5.51inch * 5.51inch * 2.36inch
Qty per Carton 30
Carton Weight 1.70kgs / 3.75lb
Carton Size 44cm * 30cm * 32cm / 17.32inch * 11.81inch * 12.6inch
Loading Container 20GP: 631 cartons * 30 pcs = 18930 pcs
40HQ: 1465 cartons * 30 pcs = 43950 pcs

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