Thick Stainless Steel Western Food Spoon Coffee Spoon, Size:L

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1. Material: stainless steel
2. The edges are smooth and do not hurt your hands
3. No rust, safe and sanitary
4. Polishing process: cloth wheel light (mirror polishing)
5. Product net weight: small 26.9g, large 54g
6. Product specifications: small size 14 x 3cm, large size 20 x 4cm
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.06kgs / 0.14lb
One Package Size 22cm * 4cm * 2cm / 8.66inch * 1.57inch * 0.79inch
Qty per Carton 144
Carton Weight 8.70kgs / 19.18lb
Carton Size 26cm * 26cm * 19cm / 10.24inch * 10.24inch * 7.48inch
Loading Container 20GP: 2076 cartons * 144 pcs = 298944 pcs
40HQ: 4819 cartons * 144 pcs = 693936 pcs

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