2 PCS Hot Drinking Water Dispenser Vertical Mini Desktop Water Dispenser

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Heating Method:Plug in Heating
Function:Overheat Protection
Heating Speed:>10 minutes
Model Number:YZ106AB
Product Name: Electric Thermos
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated power: 850W
Liner material: stainless steel liner
Specified capacity: 6L
Product size: 37.3x24x24CM
Features: intelligent insulation, safety child lock, dechlorination and reboiling, triple protection, electric effluent

Package Weight
One Package Weight 7.20kgs / 15.88lb
One Package Size 80cm * 25cm * 25cm / 31.5inch * 9.84inch * 9.84inch
Qty per Carton 2
Carton Weight 15.00kgs / 33.07lb
Carton Size 30cm * 50cm * 50cm / 11.81inch * 19.69inch * 19.69inch
Loading Container 20GP: 355 cartons * 2 pcs = 710 pcs
40HQ: 825 cartons * 2 pcs = 1650 pcs

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