Coffee Tamper Handmade Coffee Fixed Pressed Powder Hammer Espresso Maker Coffee Machine

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Material:Stainless Steel
1. The filling of the fixed force can make delicious coffee and make each cup taste consistent and present to the consumer. Increase quality and increase brand awareness.
2. Add coffee features.
3. Increase the competitiveness of the industry, increase the turnover of coffee, and recover the investment cost of coffee machine equipment as soon as possible.
4. Convenient coffee chain, custom standard SOP. The same quality makes the semi-automatic barista as easy as a fully automatic coffee machine.
5. In an environment where employees are hard to find, it is easy to train personnel and it is easy to get on the job.
6. It can reduce staff costs, coffee technicians are highly paid and have high liquidity.
7. Semi-automatic coffee machine for beginners to enter the standard filling gauge of the pressure channel.
8. A good helper for the installation and commissioning of semi-automatic coffee machines.
9. Suitable for teaching in coffee training schools to help students learn quickly.
Package Weight
One Package Weight 7.00kgs / 15.44lb
One Package Size 47cm * 37cm * 45cm / 18.5inch * 14.57inch * 17.72inch
Qty per Carton 4
Carton Weight 30.00kgs / 66.14lb
Carton Size 50cm * 50cm * 60cm / 19.69inch * 19.69inch * 23.62inch
Loading Container 20GP: 177 cartons * 4 pcs = 708 pcs
40HQ: 412 cartons * 4 pcs = 1648 pcs

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